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Sheet Music Over Piano


One-on-one piano training, fundamentals and music theory

Following the Faber series of books, students will be guided through lessons with a combination of traditional learning and new-age techniques. My goal as a teacher is to help you reach your goals. Lessons are meant to challenge the students, but they are lead by the student's determination to progress and improve. 

Students are provided a variety of materials to fit their journey. Here are a few of what each student receives: 

  • Piano Technique book series chosen to fit their age and skill level

  • Sheet music for each piece they are studying

  • Monthly care packages

  • Fun supplements for educational games and activities

  • Project materials to challenge them and prepare them to be a well rounded and independent artist

  • Access to libraries of materials and knowledge

  • And More!

These lessons are intended for beginner to intermediate students of all ages. 

Contact me today to get signed up for a complimentary assessment lesson!

Please note: some lessons may be online when necessary.




Beginner Piano Lessons: Lessons
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