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Bride and groom grand exit

Company Values

By working with Ascendance Productions, these are the values we bring to every service:


Inclusivity | We strive to create a space for EVERYONE interested in celebrating love. From couples to wedding parties, industry professionals and creatives, we are committed to building a company that is equitable, diverse and inclusive across age, gender, ability, race, religion (or lack thereof), body size and shape, partner preference and identity.

Expertise | With experience producing shows on a global scale, the Ascendance Productions team has tools like no other. Every team member is trained to keep an eye on the big picture - always. With the ability to adapt between the many hats that a planner must sometimes wear, we are the ultimate team player in bringing your event dreams to life. 

Communication | We place immense importance in the ability facilitate clear and effective communication between all parties involved in producing an event. Every vendor speaks a little bit of their own language when it comes to event design and implementation, and we are here to help create a cohesiveness from start to finish. 

Design | From conception to the finished product, our design process starts and ends with quality. We also commit efforts above and beyond the industry standard to be inclusive of all backgrounds, cultures, and human beings of all walks of life. Everyone has an equal right to celebration. 

Growth | Our promise to our clients and peers is that we will never stop learning. There is no "finish line" when it comes to quality and service. We will always push to improve and learn from every experience. 

Community | We whole-heartedly believe in the saying "leave it better than you found it." Our company pledges to provide education and support whenever possible for a stronger community. Together, we have the ability to change lives. 

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